Alexander Besputin – about working with Vasily and Anatoly Lomachenko

WBA Regular Welterweight title holder Alexander Besputin (14-0, 9 KO) answered questions from the audience during a live broadcast on the social network Instagram.

When asked about sparring with the United world lightweight champion (up to 61.2 kg) Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO), the Russian champion told about the great contribution that Vasyl and his father-coach Anatoly Nikolayevich Lomachenko made to his Boxing.

“I have been preparing with Vasyl Lomachenko for several years. Once in 2016, I once came to Vasily, we were already friends. The then came Sasha Usik and Sanja Carnations. They, too, were rehearsing with Bob. Sani Usyk then had his first fight in America. Sanya Gvozdik also lived and prepared there. He hasn’t worked with Teddy Atlas yet. Roughly speaking, he was also an orphan, like me, because we had one Mexican coach, by the way, a very good man — Marco Contreras. But as a coach, he didn’t really want to work. Not because he was lazy, but because he didn’t know how to do it properly. There was a small problem with that. Sanya was with Vasya, they were preparing with Anatoly Nikolaevich. It is clear that everything happened according to Vasya’s plan and everything was based on Vasya. I think I’ll take a chance. I went to Vasya and said: “Do you mind?» He said, ” I don’t mind, go to the chief and talk to him.” I went up to Anatoly Nikolaevich and asked: “Can I?» He says: “San, we have everything open, there are no problems. Want some? Give». That’s all, thank God. Vasya and Anatoly Nikolaevich helped me a lot, they taught me a lot in words, deeds,and actions.”

“You know, Vasya is a two-time Olympic champion for Amateurs, but for me he is a two-time Olympic champion in life. Such a very nice guy. Of course, Anatoly Nikolayevich is one of the most powerful coaches in the world, and they helped me a lot. We spent 4-5 training sessions together. Vasily and I have boxed several times in the same card. It was convenient for me, because we were from the very beginning to the very end. And in other preparations, I started from their plan. Anatoly Nikolaevich helped me draw up a training plan. As Anatoly Nikolaevich always told me: “Look for a coach. Your biggest problem is that you don’t have a coach. You need your personal trainer to work with you.” And it was really very difficult to find him, but thank God, I have now found a very good coach, with whom I like everything, who suits me first of all as a decent person and as a professional in his field.”