Read about the best and worst of boxing throughout history and in recent times. The sport can be both devastating and violent but also shows the best side of sportsmanship. Boxing can also be extremely entertaining both inside and outside of the ring.

The Dark Side of Boxing

There have been some dark sides to boxing, such as cheap shots and the criminal history of some of its biggest stars. Some champions have been out of control and have been labelled as notorious for good reason. However, this can be compared to the number of boxers who have changed their life because of the sport or done generous things for their communities or people.

Boxing Gives Back

The lifestyle of very well paid boxers is often viewed as lavish. However, some of the biggest names in boxing such as Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and even Mike Tyson, have been heavily involved with charities or tried to change things in their countries. Furthermore, the business interests of high ranking boxers create jobs for people.

Boxing is all about entertainment value. While it is often not great to see brawls and press conferences which turn into fights, it is part of both the promotional appeal and something that makes the crowds come back for more.

Boxers and boxing are a massive moneymaker for promoters and broadcasters. However, the promotions, trash-talking and controversy outside of the ring should not take away the skills, determination and fantastic training which boxers have to go through before their matches.