Brandon Moreno: “I expected Figueiredo to be stronger”

Mexican challenger for the UFC flyweight title (up to 57 kg) Brandon Moreno (18-6-2) admitted that he overestimated the power of the reigning champion, Brazilian Davison Figueiredo (20-1-1), who led the UFC 256 tournament in the past weekend.

Figueiredo also explained not the best performance of a gastric infection.

“I expected Figueiredo to be a little stronger. Obviously, he is strong, because when he hit me on the body, I felt it. But then I felt more comfortable, and the fight got into a rut.

I think I should have pressed harder in the fifth round, but that is what it is. We now have this strange draw. I’m happy for the fight itself, but I’m not happy for the result, ”Moreno said.

Yoel Romero to make his Bellator debut next year

According to sources citing the publication, ex-contender for the UFC middleweight title (up to 84 kg), Cuban veteran Yoel Romero (13-5) is preparing to debut at Bellator next year, despite the announcement of the president of the promotion Scott Cocker. lack of interest in a fighter.

It is also expected that the Cuban will change the division and will play in the light heavyweight division (up to 93 kg).

Romero hasn’t won since 2018 and is on a streak of three in a row. In March of this year at UFC 248, he lost by unanimous decision to reigning champion, New Zealander Israel Adesanya (20-0).

Stephen Thompson: “Khamzat Chimayev’s promotion, this is a slap in the face for all UFC fighters”

Former UFC welterweight contender American Stephen Thompson believes the swift advancement of Swedish prospect Khamzat Chimayev is disrespectful to other fighters of the promotion.

“Now he is ranked 15th in the welterweight division, which I see no point in. I know that Khamzat had only one fight in welterweight, beating a guy who has two fights and two defeats in the UFC and is now getting a fight with the third number of the rating.

I had to fight my way through the ranks of the assassins to get to where I am now, and Leon Edwards too. He had a winning streak of eight fights, and only after that Leon took third place in the ranking. And now this guy appears and just jumps over everyone. I think this is a slap in the face to all the fighters who have been tearing their asses here for years. I’m sure if Khamzat beats Edwards, he will get a title shot, ”Thompson said.

Recall that Leon Edwards and Khamzat Chimaev were supposed to fight on December 19 in the main event of UFC Fight Night 183, but the fight had to be postponed due to health problems from the British representative. It is assumed that the rivals will meet on January 20th.