Dana White said he was not interested in organizing the fight between Anderson Silva and Roy Jones

UFC head Dana White claims he has no intention of facing former middleweight champion Anderson Silva against legendary boxer Roy Jones, who had a sensational show fight against Mike Tyson this weekend.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m a fucking fan of fighting. And I truly believe this business is for young guys. It’s not for old guys.

Anderson Silva had his moment and Roy Jones had his. Today is not their time. The future belongs to the young guys who fought today. These are the guys who get up and go forward. This is what I’m interested in. This is what I love. I could sit here all fucking night and watch the guys fighting today. I love it.

And I don’t like to arrange such fights. There are many people doing this. Many arrange fights for old men. I’m not one of them, “said Dana White after UFC on ESPN 18.

Magomed Ismailov aims for revenge with Tokov: “I want to resolve this issue”

The middleweight of the ASA promotion Magomed Ismailov said that he still wants to arrange a revenge with Anatoly Tokov, whom he lost ahead of schedule in 2013.

“You all know that I can hardly endure certain moments when something does not work out for me. Every time I tell myself that you should not treat it that way. There was one confrontation in my career when everyone also thought that my the rival is the underdog. I’m talking about Anatoly Tokov. We’ll come back to him. I’ll go to Scott Cocker (President of Bellator – approx.) and tell him: “Give me one fight in Bellator territory.” I would like to resolve this issue.

When I went out to battle with Tokov, I had no motivation, no fire. I thought we were going to fix it now. I’ve done something stupid and made mistakes. In the confrontation with Ivan Shtyrkov, a similar situation is observed. Everyone says that I am the favorite, that he has little chance. I transfer everything to that confrontation with Tolya and motivate myself, “Magomed Ismailov said at a press conference dedicated to the ACA 115 tournament.