Eddie Hearn-about Povetkin, White, the future loss of fighters and Usyk’s claims

Famous British promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) gave an interview to the Boxing Social news portal.

In the conversation, the British functionary told about the organization of the white – Povetkin fight, told about his Boxing “bubble”, expressed a tougher position on the organization of future fights and commented on the situation with the claims of mandatory contenders Dillian white (27-1, 18 KO) and Alexander Usyk (17-0, 13 KO) for the titles belonging to the United champion from Britain, Anthony Joshua.

— Ahead of the big fight in the heavyweight Povetkin-White. How difficult was it to organize this match?

— It is very difficult because of the numbers, and we must give Dillian white credit, because he takes a risk by Boxing without support. He wants to fight. He didn’t turn to the people and say, “I don’t know, I’ll wait.” Dillian white wants to fight, wants to break up for your fun.

  • From the point of view of logistics, how will this work with Povetkin? Where is he based now?

— He’s in Russia. For elite athletes, there is a privilege, they can fly abroad. In short, if there is no quarantine in our country, they will arrive by August 15. If there is, it will arrive 14 days earlier. This is not a problem.

In General, at the expense of logistics — each fighter will arrive on Tuesday during the fight week. They will arrive at the hotel that is scheduled for this event. There, the fighters will be tested and sent to the room. There will be security on every floor and no one will be allowed to leave the room until the test results are available. We hit the tree three times-a negative test — and the fighters are sent to what everyone now calls the “bubble”. Now you can visit the gym in a hotel, you can go to a restaurant, you can be in a circle of people who have been tested and showed negative results. Right now, we plan everything as if it’s going to happen tomorrow.

— I spoke to Mauricio Suleiman recently, and he didn’t say anything about the Dillian white trial. Can you tell us something about it?

— Not really. People say I’m not promoting Dillian white. Jesus Christ, I wrote to Suleiman, and the lawyers were involved. Everything is moving forward, everyone is trying to achieve what Dillian white deserves.

If there was one organization and there was no sanctioning body… this is what the PBC tried to do years ago, it would be much easier. There would be no politics, there would be no failures of fights for the title of absolute champion. The best example is the UFC. It’s no secret that one of the keys to UFC success is full ownership of the sport. They can do the fights that fans want to see…

If you want to get paid a lot of money, you have to be in fights that dial numbers. I will lose fighters in the next few months and years because we need to get tougher, because we treat fighters with all possible respect. Everything must be fair. We moved to America, pay crazy money — and it happened (coronavirus). So we need to reset everything, reconfigure it. We will still pay more money than anyone else can. We just have to understand that the sport has changed a bit. And a lot of promoters will use this as an excuse for their bad business, trying to reduce the earnings of fighters. If it’s a fight that doesn’t attract numbers, if it’s a fight that doesn’t attract subscribers, if it doesn’t attract PPV sales and doesn’t sell seats in the gym — you can’t create these numbers out of thin air and say that the fighter is worth it. Because it’s all very transparent.

— Tyson fury – Anthony Joshua, what’s the latest news?

— Nothing new, really. There were a lot of negotiations. You saw Bob Arum’s comments a few days ago. He is now leading all negotiations from Tyson fury’s side. Which is great. I spoke to him last night. We had a long conversation. He is very proud to call himself Tyson fury’s Manager. We will continue these negotiations and work hard on potential venues. Everything is moving forward, everyone agrees that we will move forward based on the fee division that we agreed on.

— Speaking of Alexander Usyk, I recently spoke with Alexander Krasyuk, who is always great to talk to…

“Yes, a good man, very good.

— They don’t seem to be giving up on their claims.

— I don’t think anyone will back down. Gillian white will not back down, the Tendril will not back down. They are mandatory applicants and want their chances. Let’s see where we go with this.