Lucas Matthysse on a possible comeback: It all depends on the offers…

Former “regular” world champion Argentine puncher Lucas Matthysse (39-5, 36 KO), who finished his career in 2018 after an early defeat to the legendary Filipino Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KO), is ready to return to the ring. The boxer said that everything depends on the offer.

“I explained my position to the promoters (Golden Boy),” puncher said. — If they are interested in my return, if they have something to offer me, then I am ready to discuss it. If they have a good offer on their hands, I’m ready to go back to training camp. I’m still training, I’ve been training all my life. After all, Boxing is my life. Even now. It’s just that after the defeat, I suddenly wanted to throw it all to hell. There is no way to fix what happened. And no one likes to lose. It is only easy and pleasant to win.”

“Will the comeback take place or not? — reflects Lucas Matthysse. — I honestly don’t have the faintest idea. Now the situation is such that I do not call not only the promoter, but even the Manager. I just let them know that I was ready to discuss the options that were worth considering. For example, I am ready to discuss a possible fight with Amir Khan. The fans need to understand that this is not happening out of the blue — we don’t just give the go-ahead and then fight. A fighter must first get in shape, hold a training camp, and all this costs money. That is, I am ready to fight, but I need time to prepare well.”

It would seem that the return of Matthysse may be connected with the return of his compatriot Marcos Maidana. But the fighter claims that this is not the case: “Big fights are not done here. In Argentina, boxers are paid a penny, so it is very difficult to organize something large-scale here. The ideal option is to fight abroad. And with Maidan I once fought in Amateurs. I don’t think it’s fair to fight him at this stage of his career. But I am glad that he is engaged in promotion, I am glad that he created his company.”

Lucas Matthysse has retired from Boxing before — in October 2015, he was sent to retire for a year and a half by Ukrainian Viktor Postol. At stake in that fight was the vacant WBC world title in the 63.5 kg division.