Magomedsharipov’s coach told why Zabit is not interested in the challenge from the “Korean Zombie”

Mansur Uchakaev, the coach of the Russian UFC featherweight, Zabit Magomedsharipova, said that his ward is unlikely to accept the challenge posed by the Korean Chen Sung Jong, known as the “Korean Zombie”.

“You understand,” Korean Zombie “after two defeats in a row. More precisely, from the last three fights he has two defeats.” Korean Zombie “is a convenient opponent for Zabit. If you fight him, then 90 percent of the belt will not give, because they offer a three-round duel.

If Zabit has a three-round fight, then he will not be a challenger. Then, most likely, Qattara will be given a chance to fight for the belt. So we decided to wait. We’ll come home and think about it. There is still a lot of time until March. We have restored the training camp, we are already training. They themselves threw it into March, “said Mansur Uchakaev in an interview with the Ushatayka: Sport Express YouTube channel.

Recall that Uchakaev also explained why Zabit got tired in the last fights.

Magomedsharipov’s coach explained why his ward quickly got tired in fights: “Zabit has no endurance problems at all.”

The head coach of the Dagestan Fighter club, Mansur Uchakaev, claims that UFC rated featherweight Zabit Magomedsharipov was tired in fights not because of poor endurance, but due to health problems.

“Zabit has no problems with stamina at all. He has health problems. Nobody just talked about it, so people don’t know much. He has a diaphragm spasm, he cannot breathe properly. Zabit has not been tested, and no one has ever heard of it. Knew recently it was revealed that he had breathing problems.

If you have noticed, no matter how hard the fight goes, he never breathes. He has no deep breathing. Only calm breathing, although Zabit is tired. He has chest problems – a spasm of some muscles. But this is easily solved by massage. You can do several therapies – and everything will pass. We just didn’t know, but he had a spasm, and Zabit couldn’t breathe. It made him tired. And he never got tired of sparring. Clogged for hours struggling and does not get tired.

He just had minor health problems. We will eliminate them, and I think there will be no problems, “said Mansur Uchakaev in an interview with the Ushatayka: Sport Express YouTube channel.