Martin Bakole threatens Kuzmin, talks about Joshua and Fury

DR Congo heavyweight Martin Bakole Ilunga (15-1, 12 KO) gave an interview to the news portal Seconds Out.

In a conversation with a journalist, Martin told about his future opponent from Russia Sergey Kuzmin (15-1, 11 KO), and also expressed his opinion about the combined WBA/WBO/IBF champion Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 KO) and the WBC champion from Britain Tyson fury (30-0-1, 21 KO).

Recall that the Bakole-Kuzmin match is scheduled for August 22 in Brentwood (England).

— How do you feel about a fight without an audience?

— Normally. I don’t have a problem with that. When I’m sparring in the gym, there’s almost no one there. I’m used to it [laughs].

  • Martin, how much do you know about your future rival Sergey Kuzmin? Compare your styles.

— He’s a good boxer. As I always say, I only want to fight the best. This is the best fight for me. In the ranking, he follows me. This is a good fight, a good experience.

  • Martin, without taking into account you, who do you see as the number one heavyweight right now?
  • Joshua and fury. As for me, I am the best, but now the records are Joshua and fury.

— How will the duel between them end if they suddenly fight?

— I sparred with them and I think it’s 50-50.

— Since you have sparred with them, how will their styles come together in the ring?

— I didn’t spar with Tyson Fury like I did with Joshua. I had more than 10 rounds with Joshua, and I had a couple of rounds with fury. I don’t know how to answer your question, but I’ll be honest, they’re both good.

  • Martin, outside the ring you are a nice person, a big personality, but in the ring you are ruthless. How do you manage to change so much?

— I’ll ask you a counter question — do you have fun at home with children, but when you come to the office, do you stay the same? [laughs] It’s the same with me. When I’m in the ring, it’s a big risk. You are alone, there is no coach, there is no one. You need to take everything seriously, there is no more laughter and jokes. You have to be a lion in the ring. After the fight, I return to normal life. You can only see Martin Bakole laughing outside the ring.

— Tell your fans what will happen in the fight with Sergey Kuzmin on August 22?

— I am preparing for 12 rounds, but I hope to stop it before the 5th round. I’ll smash him, take a million punches to his face with my hand speed. I will teach it 12 rounds if it stays in one place. I know he’s tough, but if he wants more beating and the referee doesn’t stop the fight — I’m ready for 12 rounds. I’m going to take it seriously.