Post-war boxing Fury-Wilder: One man take “wine bath”, the other had to go to the hospital

At the end of the heavyweight boxing battle, Tyson Fury let his hair down at a nightclub and Deontay Wilder was hospitalized for the first time.

At the first encounter between the two fists, the American boxer was named “The companion” Wilder played better so the tie did not satisfy the 34-year-old boxer. Fighting the “Wanderer King” Fury in the match that took place on February 23 in the US, Wilder was completely confident that he would defeat the opponent soon, but the opposite happened.

Tyson Fury is also receiving many challenges from his colleagues after the victory over Wilder

The British boxer, with his precise and heavy punches, defeated Wilder in the 7th half, thereby winning the world heavyweight WBC boxing belt. Playing professionally for 12 years, going through 43 games (42 wins, 1 draw) “Wilder” has never been defeated, and this is the first time he has to experience the feeling of losing.

In 42 wins, Wilder has led dozens of opponents to the hospital with 41 victories by knockout, he has never had to go to the hospital but this time was different. Wilder coach Jay Deas revealed to Dailymail: “He had one ear torn and it made him lose his balance. Wilder needed stitches to be sewn back,” before that there was also a clip recording the American boxer had to do. Treating bloody wounds in the dressing room.

Contrary to the boredom of the opponent, the 31-year-old British boxer had a sleepless celebration night with about 20,000 fans appearing both inside and outside the nightclub in the US. According to The Sun, “Wanderer King” and his wife moved to a nightclub a few minutes’ walk from the venue, where the 31-year-old boxer sang and drank until morning.

Tyson Fury is also receiving many challenges from his colleagues after the victory over Wilder. Even Anthony Joshua has proposed a match with Tyson Fury in the future.