Terence Crawford measures achievements with Errol Spence: I have more!

American Welterweight Champions Errol Spence (26-0, 21 KO) and Terence Crawford (36-0, 27 KO) continue to determine the strongest. But as before, they do this not in a face-to-face confrontation, but with the help of bright statements in the media.

Crawford is an ex-lightweight leader and ex-absolute champion of the first Welterweight division, but in the Welterweight division with the opposition of the top level did not meet. The fighter is in no hurry to accept offers from elite fighters-countrymen of Sean porter and / or Keith Terman.

Spence has spent his entire career in the Welterweight division, is the division leader, and the joint world champion.

Crawford is confident that their face-to-face fight will not take place in the near future: “Now everything depends on money. Look, I’ve already proved a lot more in Boxing, achieved a lot more when compared to him. So I don’t have to talk About “b-side” here, I don’t have to act like I’m nobody and I don’t have a name. They say he beat Sean porter and Kell brook, and I don’t have any wins over top welterweights in my record. But maybe it’s better to look at the entire track record? See for yourself. You will immediately see the difference. If I fight with people he has already beaten, it will only tarnish my resume. I will be told: “Hey, this guy’s been beaten up by Spence before.”

Spence’s side believes that Crawford first needs to make a name for himself in the division, thereby also increasing the market value of the opposition. Crawford thinks otherwise: “They just don’t do me justice. You know, many people promised me all sorts of horrors before the fight started. But in the ring, nothing of the promised they did not work out. I’m just not the kind of guy who talks too much. I prefer to show myself in the ring. He thinks he’s cooler. I believe that the victory will be mine. Without a face-to-face fight, these words will remain just our opinions. But I really think I’m going to kick his ass. I have the right to say so.”