Interview with Oleksandr Gvozdyk – about the defeat to Beterbiev, changes in the team, fights Usyk-Chisora and Lomachenko-Lopez

Former world heavyweight champion (up to 79.4 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Gvozdyk (17-1, 14 KO) gave an interview for LuckyPunchNet.

In the conversation, Olexander told about the state after the extreme fight, plans for the future, relations with the promoter, changes in the team, the reason for the defeat from Artur Beterbiev (15-0, 15 KO), and also commented on the upcoming fights Usyk – Chisora and Lomachenko – Lopez.

Your attention quotes of the Ukrainian ex-champion.

“I completely “switched” from Boxing. Until the recent 2-week camp, I did not hit the bags for 2 months after the fight, you can say. I didn’t touch them at all. And in terms of activity, I always lead an active lifestyle.”

“In fact, we plan to move where there is movement. It’s probably the WBO now, but I don’t think I’m there in the ratings right now. So it’s really hard for me to say. Either the WBO or WBC. I would like to move in the direction of a rematch. If there is an opportunity to box for the WBO first, then this is what I would prefer to do.”

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“I have never had a relationship with a promoter as such. You are loved when you bring money, when you are interesting. All this love — it is directly proportional to the money that you give the opportunity to earn. That’s all. I don’t have direct contact with him. I communicate with him through the Manager. Well, smile. I didn’t actually see him after the fight. This is not a fraternity or matchmaking. Everyone here is more like business partners. Even though everyone tells each other how much we love each other. Everyone understands why this is happening. There are no relationships, but they never really existed. What kind of relationship? Employee and employer. Everything. His interest is directly proportional to my earnings. So he’s also trying to bend a line for me. We’re in the same boat as him.”

“I would like to have a rematch. I won’t say that in the next fight. But even if it were, I would accept it. But I understand that this is unlikely. Even, I would say, impossible. So first I need to regain my trust, and then I can take my revenge.”

“I’m staying with Teddy Atlas. So far, so good. We have not yet found a candidate for the role of a nutritionist and physical training coach, but we have some ideas. When they are implemented, then we will inform you.”

“Look, really, what happened? I was worse, he would have been better. I have already said this many times. What do you really want to hear? Does someone like to listen to me tell some bullshit about what was stolen or the devil got confused, or boxers Turley. This is crazy. Specifically on the shelves — I was not ready physically, which led to the fact that I was somewhere hooked mentally, well, here’s the result, in fact. What other explanation could there be? How much porridge didn’t you finish? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of these questions. It is better to prove something in the ring. If everyone is disappointed in me, then don’t follow me then. If not, then watch the fights, rather than listen to some talk I’m about to say. This situation is my fault. I don’t like to talk about it again. But if you want, let’s talk. There will probably be 50 people who know what they need to do, and they know what they need to do now. Do it, please, guys, I don’t forbid anyone. Do it the right way. Win titles, beat everyone and everything will be great. Because everyone is on the phone, and everyone knows how to do it. Get here, and then you will learn how to do it and what problems arise. At the end of the day, guys, I’m getting hit in the head. If they are worried — it’s nice, thank you to everyone who is worried.”

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“I think that by his skill, by his class, Sanya (Usyk) is a completely different boxer. Of course, Chisora is not his equal. I think that Sanya is being led correctly in this division. It would be stupid to put him against Joshua or fury now, because you need to get used to, get used to the weight, and Chisora is the right opponent, who seems to be not the top, but a very strong middle man. It’s the same as usual, whatever you do is wrong. Now someone will say why Chisora, it was necessary to have someone weaker. If you find someone weaker, they’ll say you’re a Bagman. I think Chisora is a great opponent for Sani, because Chisora is a real heavyweight, although he does not have such dimensions, but at least he is a natural heavyweight. Plus, again, make the fans happy, plus try your hand with a more or less good opponent. I think that Sanya should deal with it without problems. In terms of Boxing, they are at different levels.”

“In the States a lot of people who believe in the victory Teofilo Lopez. I am not. It’s very publicized. Perhaps due to its traistaru, perhaps, he effectively ends their fights. Although, of course, he didn’t have any close rivals of Vasya’s level. But with those guys, he deals very effectively. Naturally, people meet by their clothes, roughly speaking. All the same, I believe that this is a rather dangerous fight for Vasya. Because this athlete can feel it, can hit it, but again, my bet is that Vasya will sort it out. Coming out against Vasya — it will not be the same Lopez who was with those guys. Because everyone does exactly as much as the opponent allows, and Vasya will not allow him much. But it’s still an interesting fight.”