Mayweather’s exhibition fight. The media announced the name of the opponent — this is the ex-world champion

Legendary American veteran Floyd Mayweather confirms that in his case, the official end of his career does not mean a refusal to hold fights. Mayweather is preparing to perform again soon in Japan with a fair fight. But this time the opponent will be much more dangerous, according to the media.

In 2018, on the eve of the New year, Mayweather playfully beat a young and small local kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, earning us $ 10 million for this. Now, it seems, the American will face off against former world champion Japanese knockout Takashi Uchiyama.

According to eFight, it is Uchiyama who is considering the local promotion Rizin.

The Japanese former champion finished his career in 2016 with a record of 24-2-1, 20 KO after sensationally losing twice in a row to Panamanian Hesril Corrales. Uchiyama performed in the division up to 59 kg, so Mayweather may again have an advantage in weight — the last fights he spent in the limit to 66.7 kg.

The head of Rizin, Noboyuki Sakakibara, comments on the negotiations: “the Fight between Mayweather and Uchiyama promises to be very spectacular. So far (due to the pandemic), we have a lot of problems with organizing the event — flight permits, competitors, fans, money. But we like the talks with Mayweather — everything is positive. Therefore, we expect that everything will work out for us.”

“Floyd liked everything in 2018: the atmosphere, the organization, the fans,” says the functionary. — He says that he got a high from spending time in Japan and from working with us. He says that for this reason, he is very interested in returning here again and repeating everything. For now, we are just discussing a possible event. But when the time is right, both sides will be ready to put on a show. Both sides are interested in this.”

“Of course, both sides want to make a profit from this,” the businessman does not hide.

In Japan, it was assumed that this was a speech on August 9. This does not seem to be the case. According to local media: “in August, Rizin is preparing the first show during the pandemic. It is unlikely that Mayweather will appear in it. After all, the local authorities are still categorically against international air traffic. Even on his own private plane, he will not be able to do this — he will have problems with the customs service.”