Vasyl Lomachenko; the Ukrainian Speed Machine

Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the most exciting boxers to watch for fans all over the world. Lomachenko’s skill, speed, stamina, footwork, and all-round fitness make other fighters fear the champion. He amazes crowds everywhere and looks fast yet devastating at the same time.

Lomachenko’s Style of Boxing

Lomachenko has incredibly fast footwork allowing him to outmanoeuvre his opponents. He can find different angles to attack from and also distracts and shifts the fighter’s glance and vision, especially when the opponent is defending. Lomachenko covers the defence of boxers and moves off-angle then throws a punch. He also blocks side vision with his arm, glove or shoulder.

Lomachenko also works on the eyes of opponents and makes it difficult for the other boxer to see well. He immobilises opponents by leaning on their back and neck while outmanoeuvring them. Lomachenko’s speed can be explained by his earlier love of sports such as gymnastics and Ukrainian dancing.

Lomachenko’s Impressive Record

Lomachenko has an incredible record with 396 wins and one loss. He has won Olympic, European and World Championship gold. Lomachenko has been voted by Ring Magazine as the best boxer regardless of weight category. What makes him more impressive is his ability to box across different weight divisions, such as featherweight, super featherweight, and lightweight divisions.

In his professional boxing career, he has won 14 fights and lost one. He also only lost one controversial decision as an amateur. The Ukrainian has also conducted himself well as a professional and is a hero for many because of his behaviour both in and outside of the ring.

Vasyl Lomachenko will continue to astound boxing spectators because of his skill, technical ability, movement and footwork in the ring. He will be challenging to beat for some time, as he out moves and confuses his opponents. Many up and coming boxers from Ukraine and the world regard him as a hero.